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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mystaran Adventures: Iron Shield

Iron Shield
Established in AC1020 by Dwarves from Rockhome, Utho Ironshield aproached King Stephan requesting the right to establish a stronghold in the Blackpeaks. Utho selected Mount Thorn which is located near the source of the River Magos. Utho and his band climbed Mt. Thorn and having secured the peak, eliminating a Red Dragon living in a cave there, constructed with the Aid of a wizard in his employ, The Observatory.

The Observatory
The upper level of the Observatory is a stubby tower with a large lens allowing the observation of the Sun. The dwarves also practice their religious beliefs in their private quarters on the lower level.

The Dwarves of Ironshield
What no-one knows is that Urtho and his Dwarves are cultists. Chaotic cleric-dwarves who worship the Sun as a chaotic, tentacled (all be them fiery) horror. They are responsible for the Slaughter of the Village of Reedle during their migration to Karameikos.

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