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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Story Development: reverse mapping a story

They all like to network map the character interactions of game of thrones...but what if you want to write that next great paper to tv epic? Reverse engineer your novel. Draw some points on a chart. Link the characters. And now work out where those interactions go.
Suddenly we have a baron looking to sieze a farmer's land, so the farmer talks to a labourer who 'knows a guy'. That guy fires an arrow at the baron as he travels to the nearby village. The baron, injured, has his knight teach the farmer a lesson. The knight has a word with an alchemist who provides the knight a potion to seduce the sister of the farmer. The farmer goes to the old hag on his farm for a cure for his sister.
meanwhile the baron is dealing with his personal servant who manages his affairs when dealing various others including a moneylender to whom the baron is in debt.

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