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Friday, 3 June 2016

StarWars: Rogue One reshoots to tone down violence

A redditor claiming to be a disney employee has declared the Rogue One reshoots are to reduce the violence (particularly in two scenes).
Aparently they took the Normandy Beach battle scene from Saving Private Ryan and made it a starwars thing.
There is also a bit where Darth Vader slaughters all the 'Heroes' being described as a Serial Killer movie moment.
You could tell Rogue One was distinctly violent from Original Starwars by the Trailer...but Jesus! 

If the last sixteen years have done anything it made humans okay with gratuitous brutal violence that would have given 1978 princess leia a bloody heart attack and left the kids emotionally scarred. This aint black hawk down country. This is StarWars. Yes Vader is bad...but you dont get to watch the People of Alderaan get snuffed out by the deathstar laser. You all need to step the hell back, take a breath, and realize you have become okay with the snuffing out of human life. 
The people who make first person shooters have profited from the destruction of civilization (like drug dealers and politicians). Thats called Treason. 

Thats a bad thing in case you were wondering. leave me no choice.
Thats right...four kittens from a canadian lumber calender from the seventies.

Updated: 40% of Rogue One to be refilmed. Perhaps you should have just declared it R rated. Idiots.

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