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Monday, 6 June 2016

Character Generation: Building Switchbriar Anne

Character generation is a little more diverse than the previous edition. Now you may simply generate a human character, taking the previous non-human character races as cultural templates. You will still need a set of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20), a pen or pencil, eraser, and paper (a notebook or journal will be okay).

Physical Height has an effect on the cultural templates available so first up roll 17d6+5 to determine the number of inches in physical height of your character. You should get a physical height range of 1'10" to
8'11". This is the full range of height available to humans. While this is the true range of human height, it it not considered so: humans being a bigoted lot found that those who were overly short a foot or more in variation from what was considered average height were regarded as not human. Consequently we wound up with tales of Goblins, Ogres and GIants. The truth is these are humans - not monsters, so they are in this edition human cultural templates.

Ex. For Physical Height I roll 17d6 and get: (2, 4, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2, 4, 3, 3, 5, 1, 4, 4, 6, 4, 3) = 64" + 5" = 69" (5'9").

Choose a Cultural Template. Players might be choose to be humans who are considered 'goblins' by others, and yet be clerics, thieves, fighers, or magicusers of their own 'culture'.

Table 1: Cultural Template vs Physical Height
Height Cultural Template
1'10" - 2' Pixie
2'10' - 3'2" Halfling
3'6" - 4' Gnome
3'6" - 4'6" Goblin
3'8" - 4'4" Dwarf
4'8" - 5'8" Elf
True Average Height 5'4"
4'10" - 6'4" Human
8' - 8'11" Ogre

Ex. With a previously generated physical height of 5'9" (Just taller than elf template by an inch, and inside the human cultural template range) I select the cultural template of Human (4'10" - 6'4"). This will mean the character will be subjected to less cultual austracism by their fellow humans than if they were considered non-human.

Primary Abilities are the core physical stats of a character. Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Charisma all have an effect on the game. They are generated by rolling 3d6 for each.

Ex. I roll 3d6 for each of the six primary abilities and note down the result.
Strength (9)
Intelligence (9)
Wisdom ((9)
Dexterity (11)
Constitution (5) -2hp/Hit Dice
Charisma (11)

That low constitution is going to bleed my hit dice of valuable hitpoints.

Character Class might then be selected. The four basic character classes available are: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, and Magic-user.

Ex. Examining the primary ability rolls I decide that the low constitution will cost my character two hitpoints off every hit dice roll so my best option is to take the fighter class because of the d8 used to generate the hitpoints of fighters. This provides me with a dice result of 1-6 hp on every hit dice roll.
Its weak for a fighter but survivable. Basically my character would qualify as a 'Normal Human' of poor health, but circumstances have forced him into adventuring.


Those with a physical height range of 1'10" - 2'.
Naming Conventions

Clan Male Female
Ma-gur Gul Aul*
*always as twins.

Clan Male Female
Da-ngi Thap Ndra
Khag Pau
Hadr Amm

Pixie Name Structrue: Name + Mother + Clan

Those with a physical height range of 2'10" - 3'2".
Naming Conventions for family names are a single sylable vegetable grown by the family. A change of crop changes the family name.

Family Crop Male Female
Pea Wil Ann
Bean Dav Kat
Plum Jon Jan
Rice Edd Ema
Fig Raf Jil
Corn Tom Liv

Pixie Name Structrue: Name + Family Crop

Those with a physical height range of 3'6" - 4'.
Naming Conventions. Family + Clan followed by an individual name. Unfortunatly only one Gnome Clan survived annihilation: the one that had discovered fire.

Family Clan Name
Bush Wick Bil
War Avi
Fens Obe
Tar Ull

Gnome Name Structrue: Family + Clan + Name

Those with a physical height range of 3'6" - 4'6".
Naming Conventions it is tradition to go 'un named' amongst the goblins until the prospective has undertaken a naming quest. Until then they recieve a quest name at birth from the clan shaman. It the Goblin is sucessful at their quest they earn a Clan Name.

Location Task
Wood Burn
Ville Chaize (Harass)

Quest Name Structrue: Location + Task

Name Clan
Acun Nage
Goblin Name Structrue: Name + Clan

Those with a physical height range of 3'8" - 4'4".
Naming Conventions there are two dwarf families. They are blood rivals. A mame is formed from the family name and individual name as a single word.

Family Name
Mi Urga
Ma Rolo

Dwarf Name Structrue: Family + Name

Those with a physical height range of 4'8" - 5'8".
Naming Conventions Amongst elves a birth song of one letter per year is built over time. This is not used outside elves. Amongst non elves an elf will choose a name built from a prefix, midafix, and suffix.

Prefix Mix Suffix
L in er
V il a
U it t
N im
K if

Name Structrue: Prefix + Mid + Suffix

Those with a physical height range of 8' - 8'11"
Naming Conventions names amongst Ogres are built from a Prefix and a clan name.

Prefix Clan
Ko zen(g)
Aa sen(g)
Co yn(g)

Name Structrue: Prefix + Clan

Though humans range from 1'9&1/2" - 8'11" those with a physical height range of 4'10" - 6'4" are only considered human.
Naming Conventions It might be added to a location or any other word.

Prefix Mid Suffix
D nn o
C ee e
A rr n
G oo s
S l
K m
P a
J y

Name Structure: Prefix + Mid + Suffix

Ex. My human character decides to select Anne as her adventuring name.

Savingthrows: replace standard progression tables with +2pt per level allocated as desired. This becomes a dice check bonus against DC20.

Character Development Notes
Having selected a human name it is altered to suit the character concept.

Switchbriar Ann uses a switch of briar (a short whip of flexible thorn-covered wood) as a weapon.

Switch-briar Anne
Fighter (level 1); Chaotic; 6hp; AC7; S(9), I(9), W ((9), D (11), C (5), Ch (11); Saves: Poison+2; THAC0 (19); 5'9";
Equipment: Switch-briar (1d4, 5' reach), Dagger, Leather Armour, Plain clothes, Boots, belt, gloves, jar of wolfsbane paste.
Background: After the village elders kicked Anne out of her family home for refusing to remove poisonous wolfsbane that caused the death of a villager (what that villager was doing in the wolfbane was never answered). Anne took to the village elders with a Briar-switch (1d4, 5' reach) rubbed down in paste of wolvesbane (poison: 6 hours; death; no save) before fleeing the village. She has not yet had total satisfaction and intends to return to that village.

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