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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Plot and Plunder: Is Independence Day 2 the Robotech Macross Saga plot theft we had coming?

In 1999 an alien space fortress descends through the atmosphere of earth crashing on Macross Island drawing the attention of a world at conflict with itself. In the years that follow they come together as a united effort under one global authority exploiting alien Technology and developing the Veritech fighter.
Half a decade later aliens known as the Zendraedi emerge from hyperspace searching for the missing ship. Automated systems on the Macross awaken to open fire on the aproaching fleet drawing the attention of the Zendraedi to macross island. Civilians are caught in the destruction as the Macross hyperjumps out past Saturn taking Macross Island with it.
The civilians in bunkers on the island are relocated to the macross and they are harried by Zendraedi as they travel back to earth the long way home.
When they do reach earth we learn the government has developed a planet defense superweapon which they use. The earth populace are ultimately descimated by the conflict leaving the populace of macross as a seed population for future human recolonization...The population of Macross Evacuated Claudia, a Strong African female character sacrifices self and uses Macross fortress to destroy alien agressors.

So what plot markers do we see here?

  • Alien ship crashed on earth.
  • World millitary government comes together to exploit alien technology.
  • Crashed alien ship signals its presence to alien fleet.
  • Stronger alien force shows up.
  • Alien tech based fighters not good enough to prevent human race from being exterminated.
  • Earth Super weapon destructive but in end humans reduced to a small breeding population.
  • Some level of peace between surviving humans and Aliens is achieved.
Huh...Independence Day: ID4 results in crashed alien ship and the governments of world coming together... fast forward to
Independence Day Resurgence where the global millitary dictatorship make use of alien tech to develop 'veritech fighters from alien protoculture'. Veritechs apparently not enough. Super Deathstar Planet defense weapon not enough to solve this problem...and thus the humans will be reduced to a small breeding population.

Questions about Independence Day 2 and Beyond:

  • Will there be a Claudia character who uses salvaged superfortress to take out the agressor aliens in act of self sacrifice firing main weapon of vessel?
  • Who is the doomed mentor/veritech pilot (Roy Focker) who teaches the new recruits what they need to save humanity?
  • Will the survivor/hero lead a survey fleet/ship to the 'homeworld' of the robotech masters ala robotech sentinels?
  • Will other alien races angry with the alien invaders invade earth as invid invasion?
  • Will the forces of the southern cross (australia) undertake ground warfare with forces of downed robotech masters spaceship?
  • Will poaching the plot of Robotech Macross saga prove fatal for this film company? 

Stay Tuned. ;-)


  1. Saw it... It's heading towards Macross/Robotech alright!

  2. As soon as they said "queen", I was like "Invid!"