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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Needless Deaths: The odds of a Redshirt Perishing in Starfleet

It is one of those horror stories you hear about...That nameless Redshirt who beams down with the Captain, the Chief Science Officer, and the Ship's Doctor only to be smashed by the Rock monster because the Captain sat on a pile of boulders.

The fact is the job is hazardous. That means an evenly spread hazard should be population based.

Redshirt Population in Original Series Starfleet
Ship                   Uniform Colour
Class - gold - blue - red - green* - red%
Constitution 70 130 210 20 48.83%
Dreadnought 80 170 220 30 44%
Scout 40 60 90 5 46.1%
Cruiser 45 65 100 10 45.45%
Destroyer 40 60 90 10 45%
Tug 40 80 100 45.45%
Starbase 150 300 500 50 50%
*spec ops

The highest percentage of redshirts is on a starbase.
The lowest percentage is on the dreadnought class warship.
As constitution class vessels (the enterprise is one of these) have the second highest redshirt percentage to a starbase they have a high redshirt loss rate.

Get the picture?

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