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Friday, 24 June 2016

Secret Service: James Bond in the Post-Brexit Era

You may have noticed today that Britain voted to separate from Europe. And because Britain is now a fractured state with Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the City-State of London planning to hold referendum to remain in the European Union and Wales and Rural England in the leaving faction...
So what becomes of the secret service and James Bond? Are they moving to establish the nuclear rogue state of Free Britain administrated from Cardiff in Wales or do they remain in the City State of London as a city secret police? They certainly cannot exist as a European Secret Police.
If Northern Ireland merges with Ireland as a European State do the Irish keep the Nuclear Submarines and Bases?  Europe will not just need to be a checkerboard of provinces on a map. They will need borders. Borders defined by walls. That means a wall around London separating it from the rogue nation of Not Europe.
And then there is the Sovereign. Queen Elizabeth II has just seen the implosion of Britain. As these regions factionalize and settle into the europe or not europe nations she may yet find herself bereft of castles and citizens. The Prince of Wales would now be King of the Rogue nation of Welshritain or the prince of nothing. Those titles are tied to Geography.
One would assume James Bond and MI6 will serve their last years defending Queen Elizabeth II on some little estate that is its own country...

The Unionjack afire, and being lowered one last time.

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