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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Rythlondar Campaign: Castle Morbundus

Room 77: Above the door is marked with the word 'Slocum's'. This great diamond shaped chamber is walled by twenty statues, each a different creature. Once per turn the die of power on the central pedestal creates a living version of one of these creatures and teleports it into a random encounter area (Levels 1-4) in the Castle Morbundus.

1d20           Encounter
   01             White Toad*
   02             Vampire
   03             Ghoul
   04             Gargoyle
   06             Hell Hound
   07             Umber Hulk
   08             Basilisk
   09             Giant Snake
   10             Giant Rat
   11             Giant Ant
   12             Werebear
   13             Doppleganger
   14             Troll
   15             Zombie
   16             Gelatinous Cube
   17            Skeleton
   18            Ochre Jelly
   19            Salamander
   20             Balrog**

*The die of power has created this one and deposited it in the upper Castle. If this is defeated the die of power Activates generating a random creature per turn, teleporting them into the castle. Ignore duplicate rolls of this creature.
**The die of power has created this one and deposited it in room 70. If this is defeated this result shuts down the die of power. If the Balrog in 70 yet lives, ignore the result and continue generating other creatures.

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