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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Dungeon Mastery: 20 Unique Documents from the Library

 20 Unique Documents from the Library                   
1D20  Document Description                                            
 01       Map of the World                                                    
 02       Map of a Southern Continent
 03       One Hundred Year old Map of the Port             
 04       Copper Scroll of Qumran
 05       Copper Scroll of the Thirteenth Priestess         
 06       Copper Scroll of the Bone Ossuary
 07       Treasure Map of the Sky Cave                            
 08       Treasure Map of the Kingdom of Jai
 09       Treasure Map of Hungry Shark (A Pirate)       
 10       Totem Tribe Gold Scroll of Ice Magic
 11       Gold Toko Scroll of Truth                                    
 12       Clay Tablet of Urga
 13       Clay Tablet of the Ancient Kingdom of Mes    
 14       Tablet of Ahmad
 15       Tablet of the True Seeker                                    
 16       Lost Scroll of the Sage
 17       Lost Scroll of the Second Library                      
 18       Lost Scroll of Elundris
 19       Lost Scroll of the Traitor Yu                               
 20       Lost Scroll of Wa the Confectioner                   

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