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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Creature Catalog: The Ironborn

AC 2
HD 2d4
MV 3' (1')
AT 1 Bite, Weapon or Spell
DA 1hp/1hp or as Spell
SA Fighter L1 or Magicuser L2
NA 1-4 (10-100)
ML 11
INT 13
AL Any Alignment
TT O (1-4 scrolls)
XP 13

The Ironborn  (or Skand as they know themselves) have only been discovered by gem cutters as fossils in iron oxide gems mined deep in the earth. Their civilization has never been discovered.
They are 1/8th of an inch tall. They build villages on the backs of giant beetles, harvesting fungi spores that grow on the backs of their mobile homes. They are an ancient people, It is little wonder that they have existed hidden for millions of years.
A Skand Magicuser might rise in spell power allowing them to craft great citadels on the backs of Beetles, though it is rare. Most Skand live a life of Agrarian toil.

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