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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Neolithic Greyhawk: Before the Suel Migration

Ull is a primordial forest occupied by diverse predator species. There are primitive peoples who live not so much in the forest, but at its edge. But they eventually gain knowledge of Fire burning back the forest in a terrible conflict.
But, over time the Forest is broken and the Survivors victorious. and they flourish and grow in population, burning back forest whenever there is conflict with the remnant predators that dwell there.

Eventually the forest on which they nourish themselves no longer nourishes everyone. Food and territory is fought over. Those who do not control fortified regions such as mounds or hills are forced out by conflict.
They journey into the Crystalmist Mountains to the east, and North to the Yatils establishing themselves as Mountain-folk. They are increasingly seperate from the Plains-folk.
Iggwilv, amongst this northern mountain folk will one day seize power in Perrenland. In the South, Zil encounters the Drow in the Crystalmists and experience Slavery. Bred with others to create a better slave. They escape east to the Lortmils. Unfortunately they understand a new social order built on Slavery. Zilchus the Tyrant born of two enslaved peoples begins enslaving surrounding peoples. The Master of the Lortmils will eventually become a God of Trade and commerce.

In Ull the Ecosystem has reached breaking point. The Savanna is squeezed dry of every last morsel plant-and game source that is sought by burning off grass to attract game that can be hunted. The pressures on the Ecosystem forces them out.

The Suel Migration begins.

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