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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Dungeon Mastery: The Storm-Marshal's Tower

Background: The Storm-Marshal's Tower stands at the centre of the village towering seventy feet high (not including the iron ball atop its roof). It has been there for as long as the populace remember.

For the Dungeon Master: Despite the villagers memories that the Tower and its Storm-Marshal have been a fixture in the village, it arrived last night in a lightning storm. The Storm-Marshal's appearance and the tower he calls home are a Psionic Illusion imposed on the populace. He is entirely Alien to this world, and is here to Harvest its unique electrical energy to recharge his tower before he can again continue his journey. 

The Storm-Marshal: AC3; 4HD*; MV 30' (10'); AT Cudgel, Lightning-gun; DA 1d4+1/1d6+1; SA Cleric L4; NA 1 (Unique); ML 12; INT 18; AL Lawful; TT See Description ; 250XP
Description: This old Man with white hair is always seen in work overalls with a tool-belt, a heavy cudgel for a walking stick, and an odd smell of ozone about him. He is a Psionic Alien able to manipulate the way anyone within a mile of the tower comprehends his appearance and the appearance of the tower. Unfortunately his psionic talents affect the brains of Chaotics in an unpleasant way. Chaotics should roll a d20 against their charisma. If they roll below their charisma the Chaotic character sees a strange black tower that looks like it has tentacles reaching into the air, and the Storm-Marshal has no eyes- he is psionic and doesnt need eyes to see. His skin is greasy, and his hair are thick see-through ropes pumping white blood. If he senses more than one person can see him as he is, he withdraws to the tower. If attacked in the tower by someone who can see through his illusion, he resorts to the Lightning-gun (25'/50'/75') on his tool-belt.

The Tower
Area 1: The stone ramp slopes at thirty degrees and seems quite sturdy and is designed for the convenience of the elderly tower occupant. Above the door is a great clock dial that indicates Sunshine, Cloudy, or Electrical Storms before they arrive. The ball of iron atop the tower seems to be connected to ground via an iron rod.

Area 2: The stairs climbs up to the left of the entrance headed for upper levels. There is a locked door that will prevent anyone but the Storm-Marshal from accessing area 3. The door (AC-1) can take 100hp before it fails. The Storm-Warden recharges his weapon simply by laying his tool-belt down on the chest.

Area 3: the chest here contains massive energies absorbed from electrical storms. If the organic battery (AC6) is subjected to 100hp damage it will explode destroying the tower and unleashing an electrical discharge of 20d6 hp electrical damage to much of the village out to 300 feet radius.

Area 4: Second floor hallway at the top of the stairs leads to an unlocked door.

Area 5: The 'Weather Clock' is a fascinating mechinism that looks like a gnomish mecanical apparatus. It is an illusion. This is the Pilot station, and is discerned to be inherently organic by anyone who sees through the psionic illusion.

Area 6: Those in this room looking out the windows will see beyond the edges of the village and surrounding fields. There are no windows of course. If the Storm-Marshal willed it, the PCs could see anywhere the Storm-Marshal has been.
Once the Pilot activates the tower it will ride lightning to its new destination. The tower can take 1,000hp damage at AC-10 at which it will die, but the destruction of the organic battery will destroy it.

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