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Friday, 4 August 2017

Star trek: You will look smashing in Purple

The new klingons for Startrek Discovery struck me as Narn-ish, their very particular dysentery custard, bald with weird leather armor, and then we get this guy. Purple klingons. Suddenly we are faced with Drazi Purple. from the forehead plate, to the blade ridge in the chin cleft.
For a company beating on fan films for assaulting their copyright, this seems hypocritical. Lets just terminate copyright after the last episode of TOS is broadcast and public domain the cultural property that has since the beginning been contributed to by the fans on a global scale. If it had not, trek would have never been anything other than that nineteen sixties holywood production where one of the show runners raped an actress on the show and was cancelled after a declining third season.
This is why I make my scifi fiction public domain. Because it protects future generations from evil scum looking for a buck, yet lack the ability to create their own. scifi will be best served by public domain growth in the hands of fans.

Now I got over my moment of disgust...

Are you a bald Klingon? Would you like hair that doesnt begin to rot after you are done scalping a human? Try Mudd's Tribble Hair Implants. Now with Genetically Enhanced Human Stem cells. You will never need another.

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