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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Atomic Rockets: Proxima Centauri

The Proxima Centauri System
The Proxima System is despite its unknown nature, inspiring. But like all shiny things, it will be fought over depleating us further. Allowing humanity to be the stupid creatures that they are. Anyway, there is a lone astronaut with a weapon on a rocky, icey and iron oxide red soil planet in the Proxima Centauri System with their Atomic Age FTL capable rocket ship in the background. Perhaps there is some foe out there in the dark, or perhaps that foe is simply their own fear.

Based on a memory from my childhood.
Proxima B
If the Proxima Centauri System is tilted from our horizontal perspective it might be as great as three earth masses. that means if it is an ocean it could be Neptunean, which means it can have a moon on scale with our own. A moon churning its oceans and core.
Its year is 11.13 days long...

Phet Rok or Sugar Glider Possum
Phet Rok probably sounds better than sugar glider possum, Its colours imply a rocky airless realm, or something methane like or even icey, but it orbits Proxima B on a 24 hour cycle. Doing so creates the prospect of life on Proxima B. It acts on the Core of Proxima B and Proxima B acts on it. That offers the process of vulcanism, possible metal core formation, and even life on a moon. We can wait to pick the name once we know whether it has life.

Anyway, some art...for the future.

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