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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Short Fiction: Blue Light Special


"Last night the Rockies were devastated by some as yet unidentified event," Roger Mae stood in a decimated wasteland. "What I do know for certain is the Sky over the Rockies was lit by what multiple witnesses describe as an intense blue light right before an explosion and fireball that lit up the sky."
"I am standing in what used to be Farmland." The diminutive reporter struggled to maintain his composure amongst the ashes of a cremated rural paradise surrounded by a wall of once snow covered Rocky Mountains. "Every living thing is gone."
"Karl, the Camera, can you get that?" The Camera turns to catch the sight of Military helicopters landing in a blizzard of Ash. "The Military are just Arriving."
"Though there is absolutely nothing they can do for the thousands of victims who resided in
this place," Soldiers in unfamiliar silver suits deployed from the rear of the helicopter. "or the billions of people around the World expecting answers."
"This is Roger Mae," Roger paned into view as Karl Whyte adjusted the focus of his attention to one of the specialists emerging from the troop transport helicopter. "Reporting for Channel Seven to you from what used to be Jackson's Hole."

"And we're here," Jane dropped her backpack on the ground and looked around at Aisha and back at the view down to Jackson's Hole. "I told you...its Awesome."
"Awesome." Aisha lowered her pack, breathing laboured by more walking than she had done in a week. "We are a mile from that...what ever that building down there is."
"The word you are going for is 'Farm'." Jane raked the ground of rocks creating a clear area devoid of Rocks where the tent could go. "And this is where we are camping for the evening."
"I do appreciate the effort you put into this relationship," Aisha pulled the orange tent from its pack and it exploded into shape catching the breeze like a kite forcing her to drag it to the ground where Jane could help hold it down. "You know that right?"
"I know." Jane pulled her pack straight into the tent ending its prospects of liberation and looked at Aisha. "And...I still reject your reality and substitute my own."
"Dont do that." Aisha watched Jane crawl into the tent. "I'm being serious and you go all Joker on me."
"Just saying," Aisha held her pack in front of the tent expectantly waiting for the voice in the tent to take her pack. "Its important to me you experience the things in life I enjoy."
"I do." Jane pulled the pack inside smiling to herself. "But Relationships are built on conversations."
"Yeah...I get it." Jane confronted Aisha as she entered the tent. "Conversations that could have happened in the nice warm apartment with popcorn and a blanket rather than with tree hugging."
"And rocks." Aisha breathed in the cold air and sealed them in. "And cold."
"Is my little Harlequin cold?" Jane draped a blanket across Aisha's back and hugged her. "Let your Joker warm you up."

It was dark when Jane emerged from the tent. The cold bit at her naked body and burned her lungs. "Jane?" Jackson's hole was lit by man-made light here and there but the mountainside was dark and Aisha's voice carried. "Where are you?
"Shhh..."Jane looked at the Tent. "You will scare away the stars."
"Jane?" Aisha emerged. "What are you doing?"
"Watching." Aisha, cold, barefoot, and naked, wrapped her arms around Jane for warmth and looked skyward. "the Stars."
"Okay," The dark lit sapphire and Aisha felt her heart race with Jane's heart. "Wow what is that?"
"I don't know." The blue light poured on them from above, Jane reaching skyward to shade their sight of it until they were crushed beneath its weight. "I'm Sorry."

"I'm sorry." Jane desperately drew air into her lungs. "Aisha, I'm sorry."
"Aisha?" Jane wanted to pull her self from the weight that pinned her down. Wanted to be back in the arms of Aisha. "Aisha?"
"Anyone?" Jane tried to open her eyes. "Please."
"Please," If only she could see what was going on. "Help."
"Please," Jane could feel warmth that felt like daylight. "Is anyone there?"
"I can't see." Jane wanted to be lying in the sunlight with Aisha. "Aisha. Please Aisha."

"Jane?" Aisha felt hot, her naked body burning with the sensation. "What happened?"
"Jane?" Aisha opened her eyes and saw light and shadows flickering in the edge of her vision. "What was that blue light?"
"Who?" She was being touched. The light and the shadow seemed to be taking turns. The very idea gave rise to panic. "Jane!"
"Jane!" The sensation of a needle pricked her arm and she felt drowsy. The dark attacked her. "Please stop."
"I want..." She didn't have the strength to resist."...go home."

"Aisha?" She could smell Aisha. The sheets and pillow cases. Jane opened her eyes. She was home. "Hello?"
"Aisha?" The crushing weight was gone but it was replaced with pain. Jane struggled to stand. Every part of her wanted to go back to bed. She could manage a crawl across the bedding, discovering the television remote.
"Oh thank God..." The Television flicked on revealing a chaos filled with the footage of a bombing in some Mountainous war zone. Dead Soldiers? Did they have to show their bodies before she recognised the location. "Aisha?"

"And here it is again." The Camera watched as soldiers carried a body toward the helicopter and into the back while other soldiers stood guard while the voice of the surprisingly amazing Roger Mae gave a description of the events they were seeing. "A survivor pulled from the ashes of Jackson Hole."
"And now, the glow of blue light erupts from the helicopter," The Helicopter erupted in blue fire, igniting the air. The explosion tore their world apart as the camera caught a great blue bird rising up from the destruction and the camera zoomed in on some speckle on the footage to reveal a naked woman. "And there she is, our new Female Overlord."
"Are you getting this?" Jane watched the camera follow the blue bird fly through the air back to where the soldiers found her. The Blue bird tore at the ground lifting boulders, one after the next aside until she finds something broken. "And there she pulls something from the rubble before her blue light erupts like a Supernova."
"And now the blue light cooks the camera." The voice of Roger Mae ended and Jane panicked at the very idea that Aisha was bird. "I watched as the blue bird, screaming, flew away."

"Bluejay," Jane breathed deeply. Aisha must of found her and taken her home. Jane laughed as tears filled her eyes. "She loved Bluejays."

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