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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Beyond Awesome: Blue Light Special

Blue Light Special 
Superhero Setting.

There are thousands camping in the Colorado Rockies, and thousands of others passing through when a huge burst of energy lights the sky over the Rockies bathing the region in Blue Cherenkov Radiation.  While emergency personnel hurry to provide aid, only a few survivors emerge from the disaster zone. Media desperatly broadcast knowledge of the disaster to every corner of the world but the world hasnt seen something like this since June 30, 1908 when the sky over Tunguska, Russia erupted with a blue glow before an explosion obliterated the region.

Creating Characters

  • Blue Light Specials
  • Bad Arse Normals

Source of Power
The energy unleashed in this event has been absorbed by the local populace and artefacts.
  • Direct Cherenkov Radiation Exposure
  • Cherenkov Exposed Artefacts                                          

Blue Light Specials
They have absorbed the energy of the FTL Wave altering their fundamental DNA and granting them Super Powers.


1   Brain Boost
2   Telekinesis
3   Telepathy

4   Powerhouse
5   Powerleech
6   Shapeshift

A train loaded with goods passed through the blue lit region before the destruction was unleashed. Other objects of significance have been discovered and looted from the event region in the aftermath. Some of these artefacts absorbed the energy while others were simply altered by it.
As a consequence they have become super powered things... Most scattered across north America by the time anyone notices, some dispersed across the world.

1 Blue Lightning Brand Torch Batteries
2 Vaccine Batch #212215
3 nuBlue Crayon Wax
4 Blueberry Brand Dishwashing Liquid
5 Blue Beads of the Colorado Rockies Kiawi People
6 Blue Cross Hospital MRI machine

Bad Arse Normals

Amongst the diverse populace of civilians, vigilantees, law enforcement and millitary agencies are the Special Operations Directorate.

Special Operations Directorate
This top secret government Agency was first on the ground in the Aftermath. They took samples and survivors and were gone before emergency services had even arrived. Their Director is literally a blue light alien. Director Blue as she is now known was travelling at FTL in a string between colony worlds when the earth got in the way back in Tunguska, 1908. Realizing she would not get home any time soon, Blue began investigating the local life forms. Establishing an Agency that would begin pulling together the necessary resources to create an FTL connection and go home.

All SOD Agents have special Blue Aura Yoga Training which has imparted to them an enhanced enlightenment and combat edge.

Notice from thr Creator:

I, Sean Robert Meaney, declare My Blue Light Special Superhero setting and associated Short Fiction 'Blue Light Special: Origin of BlueJay' to be Public Domain to ensure a future where this Superhero setting is not owned by any individual or Corporation.

Best wishes to fan fiction writers and fan film and tv creators who choose to build this setting into something Startrek Level.

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