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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Star Trek: The search for FTL

Searching For FTL By Going Real Fast
As the ship accelerates, our perception of frequencies shift. Light approaching at low frequency is percieved to be a higher frequency light, and we see lower frequency light slide into our visible light spectrum until we have vanished into the Radio frequencies toward almost zero hertz. What is down there at near to zero hertz? Who can say, but we have yet to hit FTL. Acceleration doesnt appear to be the solution to getting to FTL. Certainly we are going places, but we are not reaching light speed. Acceleration carried us into lower frequency light (from the earth observer) and conceivably we expect to reach FTL at zero frequency -the limit for matter and energy in our limited reality.
Somehow we hit zero hertz and find light is a standing wave harmonic for some omega molecule or god particle. Perhaps a harmonic node where all our percieved light goes to zero. We didnt reach FTL, but we dont reach true zero frequency either.
We continued down in earth observer frequency until the frequencies of light that create earth or the ship, or us dont even exist, but lets say we could go faster, further, deeper going into negative earth observer frequency light, taking us even deeper down toward earth observer FTL even though we are now travelling backward through time for light from the perspective of the earth observer, we are still in the bandwidth of frequency for the larger, deeper Universe. FTL here.

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