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Friday, 30 June 2017

Age of Warp: Expanding Age of Warp with LCARS Cards

Building your Age of Warp Expansion Deck

Right now the Startrek: Age of Warp board game uses dice rolls to determine what happens as your colony ship travels out into the Universe. But these systems can be replaced with card decks.

The purpose of the Library Computer Archive Retreival System is a database of Federation History amongst other things. This means it tells the story of peoples and it means we can use an LCARS card deck as a source of random story events that can be drawn once a turn. And when the ship takes damage its must drop from Warp 2 down to Warp 1 meaning it now takes longer to journey between hexes (sectors or star systems).

The Ships Log- A Story Card Deck
So some of the story cards will need to be a kill-shot for your starship, others will reduce ship velocity from warp two to warp one. This can be expressed in game by having cards that instructs you to draw another. There will be a bunch of these because if you are not immediatly killed you should experience a shit load of bad things that happen to you because the longer you spend in travelling, the more things happen to your ship and crew. This will be our 'people cards' - jacks, queens, and kings.
There must also be cards that force you to colonize where you are because you can no longer go on, and cards that will provide you with discoveries that add to your ship, space station, or colony.
And once you get a card that says you have reached a potential colonization point you can colonize by converting your colony ship to a space station or planetary colony.

Card Deck Outline

  • Your Journey Ends here forced space station Cards (2x Jokers)
  • Alien Intruder on Board (4x Aces)
  • Crew incidents (12x face cards)
  • Location Specific/ Warp 2-10 (36x low cards)

Your Journey ends in Death
13 Spades cards gives us a 1 in 4-ish chance of being killed on the journey.

So the SS Platypus sets out with its passengers... unfortunately as it jumps to Warp 2 we draw a card (the only one at the moment but that will change once I get done creating my own Deck) and the warp field opens a wormhole and the ship is dumped in the Delta Quadrant where it is assimilated by the Borg. So the people on the SS Platypus loose straight out of spacedock... and centuries later the Crew of the Voyager discover the SS Platypus Black Box and watch your Assimilation on movie night with popcorn and laughter... the jaded bastards that they are.

This will be one of our Warp-10 cards (10 of Spades) that carries you ship out of the Quadrant and gameplay (only to kill you - spades).

Next Time... a full card deck.

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