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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dungeon Mastery: 20 Exotic Magic Items

20 exotic magic items

1. Tattoo of Hands
2. Scar of the Sky
3. Scar of the Doll
4. Scar of the Sea
5. Bone of the Ancients
6. Bone of Order
7. Hide of the Wild
8. Powder of Time
9. Powder of Darkness
10. Door of Stone
11. Door of Hope
12. Canoe of Fate
13. Mound of Sand
14. Mound of the bound creator
15. Grave of the Saints
16. Eye of the Tiger
17. Pottery of Manipur
18. Wheel of Time
19. Rope of Sand
20. Rope of Pearls

Another twenty autocorrect magic items...

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