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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Space Crazy: I claim these Worlds

 So you know that Proxima b is a high radiation hell hole around a nasty little star but what of the Alpha Centauri binary?
Hunting Exoplanets
An adjustment of brightness, contrast, and temperature using android's photo app and we get objects against both stars.

Alpha Centauri A
Objects a and b around alpha centauri a could be the same object depending on how the hubble imaged the photo.

Alpha Centauri B
Object c is substantial on scale with a brown dwarf close to alpha centauri b, colder than the star, yet not cold like a gas giant. so there is a potential 'fourth star' to the Centauri group.
Object d is more on the gas giant scale except its position which means a north pole is always facing Alpha Centauri A suggests an orbital path that may altering due to the presence of other stars. If that is the case it may be eating any habitable worlds or disrupting their orbits...which brings us to trans solar objects.

Trans solar objects
Object k has all the look of a planet sized comet. This is an unpleasant thought that your world just got flung out of one stellar orbit at the other. I name Object k Planet Connor...because I can.

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