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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Space Australis: Aussie up your Scifi Setting

Part 1: Vessel Classes

A descent Scifi requires vast fleets of ships: military and civilian.  government, corporate, and private. Here is a selection of ship classes for an Aussie dominated future in space.

Defence Force Vessels

• Rockhampton Class Deep Space Cruiser
• Melbourne Class Gas Giant Operations Cruiser

Gas Giant Operations

• Southport Class Gas Giant Mining Vessel

• Freemantle Class Gas Giant Rescue Vessel

Deep Space Operations

• Maryborough Class Container Cargo Transport Vessel
• Brisbane Class Tanker
• Devonport Class Bulk Carrier

• Mooloolaba Class Barge
• Port Adelaide Class Construction Vessel
• Townsville Class Research Vessel

• Gladstone Class Survey Vessel
• Dampier Class Utility Vessel
• Darwin Class Supply Vessel

• Sydney Class Orbital Tug
• Cairns Class Landing Vessel

Civilian Space Transport Vessels

• Port Douglas Class Passenger Liner

• Hobart Class Solar-Sail Mass Accelerator
• Launceston Class Freighter

• Mackay Class Racing Yacht
• Geelong Class Pleasure Yacht

Vessel Weight Range
In there were a bunch of ship mass subcategories, but what do they mean?

Weight Range                       Mass (Ton)
Super-Heavy                         Trillion
Medium-Heavy                     Billion
Heavy                                      Million
Orbital                                     Thousand

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