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Monday, 26 June 2017

Star Trek: Thoughts on a better Prequel

Enterprise doesnt exist in the pre original series universe. It exists in a post nasa universe. My choice for a prequel would have been with warp two ships around Stardate 2080. Thats a year to travel to Vulcan, and not quonos at a 116 light years. Beta quadrant is the other side of a line that ran through earth. Its like they ignored that.
The first year would be on earth forming the political, corporate, criminal alliances necessary to get the ship built. Assassination and some spy stuff based on Bashirs holonovels. Make it so those characters are real and the stories are set in post first contact but a lot of it is wrong...but having foiled the genetic enhanced Madman Doctor Noah, The ship heads off to deliver an ambassador to Vulcan. This in itself would take a season at warp two and the ambassador would be Spock's human great grandfather whose family are political 'lifers'. A family who bought the ambassadorship in the year of dirty politics. They will live on Vulcan in an embassy. The trip with the Ambassador would be a living hell for Lilly who knows that Picard and the real Enterprise will emerge from all this human pollution in the centuries ahead. Season three would involve headding out around the Sector One sphere (sector one is a sphere with vulcan and earth at opposite poles). There are several potential colony worlds, a few with ancient alien ruins, telerite and andorian space (draylaxians with whom mayweather was familiar are on a homeworld in the same system as andor...assumedly closer to the sun).
So yes you could explore sector one and colonization. And the secret room hidden in the ship with a section 31 transporter, armoury, database, post voyager tech and operative. Once Lilly discovers  the room, and that Doctor Noah, having been a major backer of her Enterprise is planning to kill the human race. She abducts him with the transporter to her enterprise and exhiles him on a planet.

That should be good for a three to four season startrek.

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