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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Mystaran Campaign: The Siege of Riverfork Keep

The Sorcerer's Forces
(200) Orcs: 1HD; AC6; MV 120' (40'); AT 1 Weapon; 1-6 or wpn; NA Combat unit of 20; SA F1; ML 8; TT D; AL Chaotic

Siege Mortar: HD 40* (Colossal); AC -10; MV 30' (10'); AT 1 Artillery Round/turn; DA 20d6; NA 0(1); SA F20; ML12; INT 10; TT A; XP 14,000
Description: this mechanical wonder crafted and piloted by a gnome scientist named Isgo Kaboom can fire single-use explosive fireball enchanted gem rounds up to a mile. Its Crew can load a new artillery round and recharge the air compressed weapon and fire in a 10 minute turn.

The Sorcerers forces march on Riverfork Keep from the north, some two hundred Orcs following the great siege-mortar south...their task is to route the Kings forces, demolish the keep and then take control of the riverfork preventing boats from coming up river.

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