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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Swords Drawn: challenge accepted

Monsters & manuals has declared that imagination is a creative muscle that must be exercised.

Beginner Exercises:
1. Create a new monster (with stats); 
2. Create an NPC wizard (with treasure and two assistants);
3. Create the top level of a dungeon;
4. Take four rules book monsters and give them replacement abilities.
5. Create a new magic item.
6. Create a new spell.

Advanced Exercises:
1. Pick four monsters and create a shared society.
2. Create a hexmap of six hexes.
3. Create a random encounter table for a specific terrain type.
4. Create a d30 (d20 for d&d fans) table of Random events.
5. Create a new PC race or class.

I created Creature Catalogue II: yellowdingo's edition which occupies space on Vaults of pandius so I figure a few more manuals wouldnt go amiss...but how to combine them all?
They will all go in B2-Mountains of Ash.

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