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Saturday, 20 February 2016

NPC Class: The Sneigweik

The Sneigweik
The snake clan are a somewhat outcast group. There are multiple sects each of which has a single snake species:

  • Black Mamba
  • King Cobra
  • Desert Asps
  • Anacondas

Some are little more than crime syndicates whose members are thieves and assassins. Others carnival workers or even those whose services are openly employed. They can be any alignment but most are non lawful.

Charisma must be 13+.
Constitution must be 18.
Intelligence must be 12+.

The Snake-mage
Snake handler     1d4         0   +2v. Poison
Snake charmer    2d4  5000    +4v. Poison
Snake eater          3d4   10000  +6v. Poison
Snake priest         4d4   20000  +8v. Poison

Weapons of choice:

  • Snake Venom: a snake handler may collect venom for use as poison.
  • Snake Staff: a Snake priest will capture a snake and bind it with twine to long sticks creating a 'snake staff'. The snake is kept alive and fed mice and watered. The staff can be employed as a weapon that bites a target unleashing its poison.

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