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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Peasant Folk: Stilt Walking

Stilts obviously require training and Balance and in D&D Rules Cyclopedia terms would qualify as continuous use of the Balance Skill until your character qualified as a skilled user.
It involves the use of two stilts and a third pole that is used to maintain ones balance when stationary and in motion, but can also used as a weighted pendulum club to assault those at ground level (used to deal with wolves usually).

Stilt-Walker's Staff: Treat it as a Staff or club for damage though it swings long and probably last in Melee combat.
Kicking with a stilt: a kick should inflict on scale with a staff or club (1d4). Stilts of Wood should be AC8 and 5hp so they are vulnerable to any attack with a weapon.
A Magic-user could use stilts to travel though Spells that require hands free and unencumbered to cast a spell would require a balance check. The same for the use of any weapon other than the stilt-walker's staff.

A stiltwalker in China achieved forty nine miles in a day (6.125 × 8 mile hexes) on stilts but we can consider him very skilled and minimally encumbered. Though it varies with stilt length, 6x walking speed could be a good maximum for minimally encumbered stilt walking on a road by a very skilled walker. Medium encumbrance 3x walking speed. And 1.5x walking Speed for fully encumbered.

                                             Stilt-walking Movement Rate
Encumbrance      Untrained*   Basic**   Skilled    Expert   Master    G.Master
Minimum                     1/4x           1x              2x            3x             4x            6x
Medium                           -             1/2x            1x            1.5x          3x            4x
Fully                                 -             1/4x          1/2x          1x              2x            2x
Overloaded*                   -                -              1/4x          1/2x          1x           1.5x
* Stilts break under the load of the traveller on a failed balance check 1/turn.
** -4 Penalty on balance checks until skilled.

Improving Stilt-Walking Skill Mastery
Untrained         Skill        Basic     Skilled    Expert   Master    G.Master
-4 penalty       Balance      +1            +2            +3          +6             +12
      -                       Kick       1d4        1d4+1      1d6        1d6+1       1d8

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