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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mystaran Campaign: A look at Dwarven

Rockhome Dwarven has a number of words in common use thar can be divided into Old Dwarven and Modern Dwarven. Consider the word Evedotar (Clan Head). This can be considered a modern Dwarf concept. Eve (High) - Dotar (Family Head). Then there is proto-Dwarven. Dotar divides further: Do (an undefined/extinct word though D and O exist individually as Dwarf Name Prefix) - Tar (Beard). Do could be a reduced form of Dor meaning Wondrous/Impressive. So Clan head might have originally refered to a specific Dwarf (Do High-Beard), or it might be originally Eve-dor-tar (High Wondrous Beard).

Dwarf                     English
Ats                          Axe
Bahr                        Sun
Bal                           Tan
Barr                        Yellow/Blonde
Belf                         Noisy

Bif                           Nimble
Blys                        Blood/Red
Bof                         Stout/Husky
Bol                           Crater/Hole
Bomb                      Huge/Fat
Buhr                        Fire
Buhrad                   Gold
Dal                           Valley
Dar                           War-chief/Sergeant
Den                          Stone/Rock
Dor                          Impressive/Wondrous
Dorf                        Slow/Ponderous
Dotar                      Parent/Family head
Dul                          Low/Deep
Dulgardar             Governor/Mayor
Dwal                      Hill/Hillock
Dwarf                    Dwarf
Eft                          Top/Mountain-top
Est                         Eye
Eve                        High
Evedar                  Captain
Evedotar              Clan head
Far                         Wrecker/Ruiner
Fil                          Dusk
Fotar                    Father
Ful                        West/Western
Gar                       Home
Gardar                 King
Garr                      Safe
Gil                         Noon
Glo                       Big
Gon                      Bigger
Gor                       Biggest
Ghyr                     Solid/Sound/Thick
Hra                       Green
Hrak                    Chain/Shackles
Hraken               Convict/Prisoner
Hrap                    Frog
Hrodar                Games/Competition
Hrokar                Dangerous/Treacherous/Shifting
Hruk                    Granite
Hrum                   Sloping/Slanted
Hur                      Cave
Hurgon               Cavern
Hwyr                   Bellows/the wind
Jhyr                     Orange Colour
Kagyar                Immortal patron of dwarves
Karats                 Great-axe/Battle Axe
Karodar              Battle/War
Karr                      Death/Name of Immortal Thanatos
Ker                        Tooth/Fang
Klint                     Shining/Flashing/Fiery
Klist                     Sparkling/Flashing/Icy
Kon                      Dawn
Kor                       Gray
Kres                     Teeth/Fangs
Krey                     Speaker/Senator
Kroten                 Slung/Worn on back
Kuld                     North/Northern
Kur                       Black
Larodar               Wandering/Meandering
Larodin                Minister
Lhyn                     Straight/Flat/Linear
Lhyr                       Smooth
Lin                         Moon/Month
Mak                      Broken/Ruined
Motar                   Mother
Mor                       Pond
Mur                       Lake
Na                         Cutting with an edge
Nar                        Cut/Incision/Wound
No                         Clever/Sharp mind
Nor                        Cut/Damaged
Norden                 Jagged/Notched
Or                          Gravel
Puhn                     Hammer
Pyr                        Purple
Rad                       Iron
Radas                   Marble
Rak                        Citadel/Castle/Fortress
Rasdar                  General (noun)
Rast                       Mountain
Rutar                      Hand
Sann                       East/Eastern
Sar                          South/Southern
Sarkrey                  Ambassador
Shyld                      Shield
Skyr                        Forge/Smithy
Smag                     Smoke/Smokey
Stahl                      Blue (Specific)
Styr                        Blue (in general)
Syhar                     Moon
Syr                          Silver/White
Syth                        Quiet
Tar                          Beard
Thor                       Variant of Tor
Thra                       Glassy-Smooth/Mannered personality
Thro                       Oily smooth/coniving personality
Tor                          Strong/Enduring/Hard/Hardened
Tordar                   Nobleman
Toren                     Worker
Torrad                    Steel/Hardened Iron
Warf                       From/Born from/Made of
Whar                      Pitiless
Wyr                        Empty/Hollow/Hungry

The prospect of creating the tale of Do High-beard... sounds like fun.

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