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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Non Player Character: Yasmin the Assassin

Yasmin (Kukuasmin)

Str (⚂⚂⚁): 8           3hp
Int (⚅⚅⚅): 18        Lawful
Wis (⚂⚂⚀): 7        Magicuser Level 1
Dex (⚅⚄⚄): 16
Con (⚃⚃⚀): 9
Cha (⚂⚂⚄): 11

Starting gold (⚄⚃⚅): 150gp

Spell scrolls: read magic, magic missile/variant (assassins knife).

Kukuasmin is apprenticed to the Magist of the Sultan. She is effectivly a royal eliminator in training. Currently she is travelling with a merchant caravan to deliver a letter and scrolls to an associate of her master. She carries six daggers under her robes for use with her magic missile variant spell during her journey.

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