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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Thats Weird: ten thousand robbers part 3


So you remember this egyptian version of Arku, with its redundant extra bow forming two letter Es and being associated with the Khoe san or Chosen. And how two Es form a Y...

Here we have Arkuti where the warrior is reduced to egyptian leaving it in the Y-ti form.

So a bunch of chance discoveries have led to a realization.

The Mountain of Ten Thousand Righteous Robbers, Vikings (Warriors of Ti), Khoe San (the chosen), Thieves Cant are all now converging with legends of the Yeti and Shangri la. All on the same mountain in Nepal.

The worship of Ti or Tyr will be replaced by worsip of Odin and Thor. This Viking group has migrated to warmer climate, learning egyptian, and interacting with the kuare using bushmen known as the Khoe san. And somehow they wind up in nepal on the edge of China where they raid across mountains of Tibet raiding the early Chinese empire (I suppose they found themselves inside the Wall). Yeti become little more than giant warriors up in the ice and snow.

And now the Ten Thousand Righteous Robbers...are living in Shangri La.

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