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Friday, 9 March 2018

Basic Expert: Exploring the BX Universe

The Planes
The 6th level magicuser/elf spell Contact Outer Plane is our only source of information on the Outer Planes of the BX Dungeons and Dragons game engine. We are informed by a useful chart that contact may be made with intelligent entities located on the third to the twelfth planes, their chance of knowing the answer, their chance of lying, and the prospect of being driven insane by contact. Its uncertain at this point why there is no inclusion of planes one through two.

Scouring the internet for references to the twelve planes produced one reference: The twelve dimensions of conciousness.

Here we have:
 The Twelve Planes                                                                                             
 Plane                           Description                                                                       
 The First Plane          The Singularity- the point from which elemental    
                                       forces are drawn forth. There is no  conciousness  
                                        here. It is simply a source of elemental energy.      
 The Second Plane      Borea- The Primordial Realm where Plants
                                        and Lower Lifeforms exist.                                               
 The Third Plane         Hyborea- The realm where Men and higher           
                                       Animals dwell. This is the physical plane on           
                                       which we function.                                                        
 The Fourth Plane      The Ether- The Astral Plane, The Dreaming. It is
                                       here where higher conciousness begins.

 The Fifth Plane         The End of Illusion- Conciousness is free to              
 The Sixth Plane        The Crystal Conciousness- It is from here that
                                      Clerics and Magicusers may create magic on an
                                      individual level.

 The Seventh Plane   Total Self Awareness. Transition from 36th level     
                                      To Apprentice Immortality.                                           
 The Eighth Plane     Life- Control of the story of life.

 The Ninth Plane       The Planet- Planetary Awareness.                               
 The Tenth Plane       The Solar System- Awareness of the Solarsystem.

 The Eleventh Plane   The Galaxy- Awareness of the Galaxy.                      
 The Twelfth Plane    The Universe- Ultimate Immortal form with
                                       total awareness of the (Local) Universe.

Lower Planes
The Elemental: If the first plane is the source of elemental energy and form, then how does that shape the mythos? It means that the energy/element is raised to a plane where conciousness can shape it in form. Elementals are primitive and raw power while djinns and efreeti are sentient.

The Primordial: Elemental forces are pulled through this plane to the third so it must be damaging/rejuvinating to the plant and lower life forms. Maelstroms of air, fire, earth, water penetrate this region on their way to somewhere else.

The Middle Plane
Hyborea: Contact here involves contacting the mind of someone who can answer the questions to which the caster seeks answers. Who is behind the murder of Lady Tandi and the theft of the Bronze dagger of Doom? Down here, only the perpetrator or a witness would know so getting an answer (truthful or otherwise) might also alert the villain. There is five percent chance the caster will go insane just making contact.

Upper Planes
Higher and immortal conciousness exist out here.

The Ether: I suppose this is where the conciousness goes when they die. It would be where sentient Undead function, no longer part of primordial or higher life.

Beyond the Ether: Increasing universal awareness, the ability to draw on magic, and soforth. Out here be gods, and beyond them elder gods and universal conciousness.

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