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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Secret runes: a look at viking secret of Eitr

Eitr is a primordial liquid from which all life springs but is terribly poisonous...
The problem is there is no E in the Rune set, the only E is our egyptian origin elder rune that forms KU. So we are looking at (Ku)-it-(a)r as our rune set. And we know it is only in the proper form as AR-KU-it (or Ar-KU-ti).

And so once again we have a poison associated with the khoesan bushmen employed as shock troops with their nasty kuare poison by ancient egyptians.

So Etir is originally Kuare?

The answer is: Perhaps. This time the TI elder rune is inverted to IT. R is also bereft of its companion A and shuffled to the end of the word rather than anchored to the companion KU.

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