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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mystaran Campaign: A smaller Great Crater

The previous post covered the devastation unleashed by the Asteroid impact that created the Great Crater. This time I'm looking at a much smaller impactor that covers the rather inferior destruction seamingly unleashed by the Asteroid yet described as a larger crater.

The Asteroid

  1. 1000 ft diameter iron meteorite.
  2. 45 degree impact angle.
This is significantly smaller than the previous offering.

The Crater
The crater is four and a half miles in diameter and 1,770 feet deep. This means it still punches through into the caverns beneath it (lower broken lands and shadow elf caverns) and creates multiple layers of terraces overhanging the magma in the shadow elf cavern splashing magma up out of the crater.

The Quake
There is is a 7.0 Quake and stone buildings are destroyed out to thirty six mile and damaged out to 52 miles from epicentre.

Thermal Radiation
The Fireball is 1.92 miles in radius giving out thermal radiation. Every living thing out past 36 miles radius takes third degree burns (3d6 thermal radiation damage). You can put that down as as 100 percent livestock and population kill.
The Radiation drops off beyond this point with people in the town of Eridana (44 miles) and Erewan Keep taking second degree burns (2d6). Lets call this a significant loss 50 percent of livestock and population. 
Radiation drops away further with livestock and people in the Village of Volnay (60 miles from centre) taking first degree burns (1d6). You can call this 25 percent loss of livestock and population.

The Wind Blast
4120 mph at four miles radius, dropping off to over one thousand mph as it reaches Silverston Keep blowing what is left away. The Quake damaged Stone Towers at the adjacent baronies of Soth-kabre, Nathrat are toppled by winds that are now around 537 mph. Timber structures along with the village of Huledain is blown away.
The Tower at Weylon is further damaged by 210 mph winds and wooden structures destroyed.
At Eridana and Erewan Keep have timber structures destroyed and tile roof tops removed.
At Volnay the winds have dropped enough that timber roofing is torn off by 94 mph winds. 
90 percent of trees are toppled across the region out to that patch of heavy forest in Erewan where 30 percent of the trees are toppled.

Crater Debris
Large chunks of rock from 215 feet in diametre near the rim out to 11.7 feet in diametre at 12 miles from  centre. Out to twenty miles the rocks dropping from the sky are around three feet in diametre. From here out to sixty eight miles is a heavy gravel before the size drops away to dust.

What is the crater like? 
Now the magma sits in the lowest level and all remaining moisture in that lowest cavern exits out the new crater. Fungi and even trees will grow here on the terraces overlooking a big caldera of magma. Beyond the rim a broken lands of hill sized boulders out to rocks big enough to be turned into crude walls of stone.

Anyway that should give you an interesting alternative great crater. Not as destructive to the setting.

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