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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Early Maniac: what do you see as the Architectural Style of the Future?

Right now spacecraft and habitats are being designed, not out of any particular architectural style, but rather based on efficiency of task. For the forseeable future Mars colonists and tourists can look forward to efficient sardine tins that do little more than define an architectural style of rocketship payload designed to keep the occupants alive.
This isnt always going to be the case. One day, if the human race lives long enough, its going to define an architecture for Mars that will be distinctly Martian. We cant say what that will look like with any certainty. Given the propensity of people to name boats boatymcboatface we are just as likely to see the emergence of fun if not offensive public designed architecture in that future. Woe the day a Mars city looks like an asparagus field of giant erect penises. Yeah...what that looks like suddenly appeared in your mind and you winced or giggled.

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