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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mystaran Campaign: Fletcher Reef

Situated South of Shireton marking a sea border between the Five Shires and the Kingdom of Ierendi.

Land Ho!
There are two significant Islands in Fletcher Reef.
The one that sits within reach is Little Tinkle named after the Halfling who walked across the reef on long stilts from the wreck of Survey Six and mapped it while the remaining crew prepared to row home in lifeboats. Rumor has it he hoisted a flag consisting of ladies pink bloomers with a brass button carrying the Seal of Shireton.
The second, larger Island appears to be two miles long and was named Longwayoff. Gimbal Tinkle was unable to reach the larger Island and a further expedition attempted to send a flying Magicuser who signalled that he was unable to return due to some aspect of the Island generating a magic drain.

Shipwrecks Galore
There are several wrecked vessels on Fletcher Reef. Most are at the edge.
Survey Six is a small sailing ship from the Five Shires. It has been stripped of its more valuable supplies but has three barrels of brandywine (300gp) from the captain's private reserve. He was crying as the crew rowed for home.
Azores Lady was a Privateer owned by a Glantrian Wizard. Its has been observed to be sitting on a rock well above the highest tide and there is a rumor it is or was a flying ship so how it came to be on the rocks it of interest to those who know of its story. There is also a rumor that 'the lady marks the entrance' to the maze.
Black Dog belonged to a Pirate who thought he might claim the fabled treasure that is said to be aboard the Heart-of-the-maze. Unfortunately the apparent channel he found ended barely a half mile in and the reef gutted the Black Dog.
Milicent was a merchantman out of Tenobar. The vessel's captain was hired to chart the reef. Unfortunately he was too close.
Valen's Prize was in the employ of the Karameikian Prince. Valen sent his ship to inspect the Azores Lady for possible salvage of the flying vessel. It had considerable reserves of salvage equipment when the crew abandoned her.
Heart-of-the-maze is supposed to be a treasure ship though no one can get near her without falling from the sky when their magic fails or having their ship ripped up by reef.

DM Map
Not every secret is available to players. The reason the Heart-of-the-maze is so far within the reef is because its captain discovered a maze of channels that lead deep into Flecher Reef as far as the Island of Longwayoff.
The Rumor that Azores Lady marks the entrance to the maze is false. It is infact Milicent that marks the entrance to the maze.
Both the rock on which Azores Lady and the Island of Longwayoff are rock debris from some ancient volcanic erruption that spewed anti-magic material from deep beneath Mystara that leaches magical power. While these are two large chunks the entire reef is seeded with fragments. The most powerful enchantment will begin to fail in the presence of this stone.
Azores Lady is indeed a flying ship and could be pulled from the rock by a large sailing ship.
Heart-of-the-maze is filled with treasure and is home to an Aquatic Dragon.

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