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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Short Fiction: Zootopia

Title: Zootopia

"Angelo!" The voice boomed from the sky across the Zoo enclosures startling the Animals and Keepers.
"Turn your radio on Angelo." Angelo winced at the prospect of having to deal with the Boss directly.
"Angelo! Dont make me come down there!" The voice wasnt going away. A calming breath. Angelo put down the bucket of fishes disapointing the now surly Dolphins who were expecting more and retrieved his radio which had been switched off. Angelo toggled the switch to on.
"Sorry Boss. Just feeding the dolphins." Angelo wished he was still feeding the Dolphins.
"Get down to Enclosure thirty five with a stungun." Angelo didnt like torturing the animals.
"The Hominid from enclosure thirty six has popped the latch on his enclosure and is currently in enclosure thirty-five. He is raping the Adult male."
"Right on it Boss." Bloody hominids. Angelo checked the stungun on his belt and hurried off toward the Hominid enclosures.

Enclosure thirty five was a place of carnage. Angelo looked at the little baby Hominid that had been beaten to death and its traumatized mother, now with a broken leg, holding the remains to her breast in despair. The Hominid from thirty six was now dominating its latest victim by using it for sexual gratification and beating the smaller male across the back.
"You son of a bitch." Angelo unholstered his stungun and enjoying good aim pulled the trigger unleashing a taser round into his target. The homind broke contact with his unwilling sexual partner and threw himself at Angelo. The tranquilizer dart impacted on the Hominid who barely noticed the pain before collapsing under its effects in the open gateway.
"Whoowee! well...aint that a sight." Gabe. Angelo looked over his shoulder at the rifle toting Keeper now grabbing his groin in a distastful display of hominid dominance.
"Thats right you big bastard...thats how the Gabester Rolls!" Gabe pushed another round up the barrel and approached the entrance to the cage.
"Sorry Angelo...looks like Lucy there is busted up...gonna hafta put her down." Fucking bastard is actually smiling at the prospect.
"Nope...not going to happen. The Gabester is going to have to go pleasure himself on his own time." Angelo returned his taser to its holster and retrieved his radio holding down the talk button.
"Boss. It looks like Lucy's busted up. We are going to need the vet to check on her." Angelo waited for the call.
"All right...get her to the surgery for an x-ray. What about her child?" Angelo stepped over the downed hominid and rolled the baby over. It was dead.
"Dead." The sound of Gabe dragging his 'kill' from the open gate caused Angelo to look back over his shoulder.
"Gabe needs some help getting that bastard back to his enclosure and I am probably going to need help with Lucy." Angelo wiped away the tears.
"Other Keepers directed to move Lucy. You and Gabe drag that bastard back to his enclosure before he comes round." Angelo returned his radio to his belt and grabbed the tranquilized hominid by its other Arm and pulled it from the gate.
"Hold up Gabe...I just need to close the gate." The Gabester stood still holding a leathery hair hand in his own. He could still feel its pulse.
"Hey Angelo...check it. This fucker still has a strong pulse." Angelo turned from the closed enclosure gate to look at the hominid. If Gabe could feel a strong pulse it would recover soon. Angelo retrieved the free arm of the hominid and felt for a pulse. It was healthy and strong.
"We better get the bastard back to his enclosure asap." Gabe and Angelo pulled harder, dragging the heavy hominid across the paved access and straight towards its open enclosure gate. Angelo looked at the gate. How the hell had it 'popped the lock'? Angelo triggered the mechanism. Had someone left it in the opened position? The fragment of a twig dropped from within the mechanism as Angelo worked it back and forth until it was cleared. Angelo wondered about the Twig. It had obviously gotten in the Mechanism some how.
"Youhoo!" The Gabester wanted attention.
"Done playing with the lock? Good. lets get this fucker back inside." Gabe stepped into the enclosure and waited for Angelo to join him. The Keepers dragged the hominid in through the gate until they were clear of it. Gabe left the enclosure and waited while Angelo again examined the lock, radio again in hand.
"Yeah Boss, it looks like a twig jammed the locking mechanism."  Certainly not something expected. One in a million. Angelo locked down enclosure thirty six.
"Best check the locks on thirty five." Gabe kicked the gate on thirty six rousing the drugged hominid. Gabe locked eyes on it and made the 'I'm watching you' sign with two fingers. Angelo headed back to Enclosure thirty five to check on Lucy.
The gate was open. Lucy was gone and its mate huddled in a corner. A twig was jammed in the mechanism.
"A tool. It had used a tool to trigger the lock." Angelo was in shock.
"Whoowee!" Gabe laughed at the prospect that the hominids were letting themselves in and out. Two more Keepers arrived to take Lucy to the Vet.
"So where is Lucy?" Angelo pulled out his radio.
"Boss...we have a problem."

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