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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mixed Bag: Captain America Civil War

Watched it on DVD. It had an expectable opening with Captain America and crew fighting a merc band in Lagos? for a 'Bio-weapon'.
Huzzah! 'red witch' redirects the big explosive merc up and then sideways through a building full of foreign nationals...cue the upset Wakandans. Bad Avengers!!
Kill Winter Soldier...! Sokovia Accord v. blue faction
Avenger Rollcall introduces peter parker and ant man. Infighting. Supermax Black Site prison for naughty children. Tony Stark visits...then follows after Captain Amerika who is lured to Siberia after learning Zemo is the Villain.
Billion dollar A.I. and they cannot see the patterns that indicate people are being played off against one another.
Zemo plays everyone...just long enough to let them hurt each other.

Zemo is the only non super powered Victim but lets stick him in the supermax black site because he got revenge on the Avengers and made them look stupid. Meanwhile Captain Lawless busts out the Avengers. The End...spidey gets a spidey torch.

Big Reveals:
Someone sent Winter Soldier to kill Tony Stark's Parents!
Black Panther is King of Wakanda!
Soviet Secret Science labs are scattered across Siberia.

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