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Friday, 5 August 2016

Old School: Aleena v. Bargle

The assumption has been Aleena is murdered by Bargle but seriously...she swans into the local caves and with your aid is intent on killing the unarmoured bargle with her mace. Sure he's a 'wanted criminal' but the Judicial system in these parts is a bit iffy. 'Dead' seems to equal 'Justice'. 'Wanted criminal' is your name bandied about as the obvious perpetrator of all crimes guilty or not.

    Here are alternatives: 

    • Bargle is just some guy people are encouraged to hate by the theocratic monarchy in charge.
    • He is the welsh merlin fighting foreign occupation.
    • He may have been the previous land owner before the new guy took over these lands and declared himself Baron.
    • Spellcasting in Threshold (blue expert book) is a crime so maybe he killed someone with a magic missile. Self defence doesnt appear to be a viable excuse for spellcasters if someone comes at you in a bar with a knife so Bargle skips town and hides out rather than faces what qualifies as Justice.
    The red basic book simply states he is a criminal and Justice involves having his head beat in by Aleena's Mace. I'm going to go with self defence.

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