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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dungeon Mastery: The D&D Treasure Hoard

Treasure in D&D has been far more interesting than a generic collection of coins and gems. Here is a list of Various loot items found in The B Series Adventure Modules.

Bell: Wrought Iron; 1gp
Bell: Copper; 5gp
Bell: Brass; 10gp
Mask: Woman’s Face, Bronze; 10g
Goblet: Silver; 20gp
Mask: Child’s Face, Silver; 20gp
Silk: Square foot; 20gp
Goblet: Silver; 30gp
Neck chain: Silver; 30gp
Carpet: Phoenix Art Embroidered, 300cn; 40gp
Armband: Silver; 50gp
Bell: Silver; 50gp
Bowl: Fine wrought Copper inlaid w/silver; 50gp
Chest: Leather strapped, Wooden, 2000cnc; 50gp
Earring: gold; 50gp
Goblet: Crystal; 50gp
Laboratory Equipment: wizards; 50gp
Scroll Tube: Ivory; 50gp
Tapestry: Basic Cloth; 50gp
Barrel: Small, Good Quality Wine; 55gp
Bottle: Fine Wine; 80gp
Keg: Brandy; 80gp
Mask: Bird, Inlaid with gold; 80gp
Pitcher: Silver; 80gp
Cup: Silver; 90gp
Bracelet: Ivory; 100gp
Crate: Fireworks; 100gp
Dagger: Bejewelled; 100gp
Mask: Bearded Man’s Face, Gold; 100gp
Necklace: Jewelled; 100gp
Statue: Man, Bronze & ruby eyes; 100gp
Wristband: Gold; 100gp
Armlet: Silver; 135gp
Belt: Silver with gold buckle; 160gp
Urn: Silver; 175gp
Bracelet: Silver; 200gp
China: Fine Bone Ceramic Plates & Bowls; 200gp
Crown: Silver; 200gp
Statue: Alabaster & Ivory (300cn); 200gp
Tiara: Platinum; 200gp
Belt: Gold & Silver Coins; 250gp
Ring: Dragon, Jade; 250gp
Ring: Wolf Head, Silver & Sapphire eyes; 300gp
Serving Tray: Gold; 300gp
Chain: Thin Silver & Gems; 400gp
Necklace: Jewelled; 400gp
Necklace: Pearls; 400gp
Statue: Demon Idol, Gem Eyes; 400gp
Cloak: Sable; 450gp
Bell: Gold; 500gp
Bracelet: platinum; 500gp
Pedestal: Mahogany, 2’x2’x3’; 500gp
Belt: Silver & Gem studded; 600gp
Cutlery: Set of knives, forks, spoons, Silver; 600gp
Necklace: String of Pearls; 600gp
Necklace: intricate, platinum; 700gp
Ring: Set with Gem; 700gp
Statue: Bird, Platinum; 700gp
Necklace: Jewelled; 800gp
Tapestry: Gold & Silver thread; 900gp
Jar: Marble & gem encrusted; 1000gp
Necklace: Pearls; 1000gp
Ring: Gold & Gem; 1400gp
Throne: Set with Garnets; 2000gp
Crown: Jewelled; 5000gp
Throne: Ivory & Gems; 7000gp


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