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Monday, 22 August 2016

Creating the Future: Metropolis and beyond

Metropolis is a billion population city occupying Long Island. One million one acre blocks are each occupied by an apartment block of a thousand small shipping container sized apartments specifically designed for single residency: A sleep module, toilet, shower, laundry, kitchenette...for the singular price of two hundred thousand dollars each. The central communal use core of each apartment block is a ten floor vertical farm for food production, a pool, a tennis court, a gym, a lecture hall, music auditorium, library, and cinema.
The fifty trillion in 'profit' must be directed into not only the city infrastructure including water desalination, power, waste ptocessing, and mass transit. It must go into a better future. Having purchased the innevitable thirty trillion dollar US national debt and freed future generations of the senile beliefs of previous generations, this populace is rewarded with parliamentary self representation. A consensus government that has access to the creativity and intellectual property of its billion citizens.

Beyond Metropolis are the ruined cities being mined for the resources that built them. The Mainland is divided fifty-fifty into farmland and national park.
Private ownership of land is long gone. Farms are for the efficient mass production of food for a billion population. No longer are they nests of religious brainwashing or paranoid terrorists.

Space colonization has with the annual interest on ten trillion dollars become the mass production of O'Neil cylinders for launch to space. Thirty two billion cubic feet of lift hydrogen lifts a million ton colony to the edge of space where rocket motors push them beyond orbit. They land on Mars to become food production farms and three dee printers turning raw materials into colonies...

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