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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Star trek: Tribbles? Yeah...Tribbles.

The Tribble: A Plague among your Houses

Discovered within the territories of the Klingon Empire during an expansion cycle it was found to be an asymmetrically aggressive Predatory Omnivore which consumed all sources of food for the singular purpose of species proliferation. For living prey it is particularly dangerous. Its spines (often mistaken for fur) are designed to break off on physical contact and be breathed in through the respiratory system or penetrate the soft dermal layer as a ballistic penetrator much like the Portuguese Man-o-war Jellyfish.
 Initial Occupation attempts by Klingons of the ‘Tribble Home world’ resulted in those Klingons exposed to Tribbles becoming passive and ceasing all contact with the rest of the Klingon Empire. Further exposure resulted in the exporting of Tribbles to surrounding systems, their less than hygienic ships filled with scraps of food and thus proving to be an ideal environment in which Tribbles could proliferate during space travel. Those sent to investigate the behavioral changes in exposed Klingons on ships ‘behaving oddly’ soon became exposed to Tribbles in the confined spaces of Klingon Spaceships resulting in suspension of aggressive behavior and eventual failure of the desire to do anything thus falling prey to this rather dangerous predator. Though a surgical solution was found to the spreading ‘plague’ the Tribble relationship to the ‘plague’ that was decimating the Klingon population not found until a decade later when an Alien doctor conducted a study of the Tribble and its effects on the Klingon Population as a Case Study.
“Tribble exposure was found to be particularly dangerous for Klingons who were greatly pacified thanks to the direct exposure of the Klingon Frontal Lobe and olfactory gland to the Respiratory system. Surgical alteration to their Frontal lobes and respiratory systems was required to remove the damaged respiratory and frontal lobe tissue ultimately the removal of the cranial ridges in vast populations of Klingons. It is odd however that for a truly aggressive and war-like people they have chosen to live peaceably with the presence of the Tribble to the point of surgical alteration of the entire Klingon Population and the public dissemination of the fiction of a ‘plague’ among the Klingon population rather than simply remove the Tribble as a threat to public health“.
 The study was reviewed by a Klingon Scientist who realized the significance of the research. This Doctor, along with his research, was ’invited’ to Kronos and ‘kept secret’ by the Klingon High Council who realized finally that the source of their problem was the Tribble - a far more dangerous predator than they had ever encountered. Thus the Tribble Extermination was undertaken although it was never revealed to the Klingon Population the connection between the Plague and the Tribble.
 With the Tribble population Exterminated the Klingon High Council was able to declare the ‘Plague’ to be at an end. Klingons were able to have new medical treatment in which their Cranial Ridges could be regrown and their Frontal lobe and respiratory tissue damage repaired.

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