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Monday, 11 January 2016

Dungeon Mastery: build a setting from three pieces of art

Art will always be a significant contributor to roleplay games (fantasy and scifi).


Three interesting pieces of art I have had floating around for a while now.


Population: 1184 (96% Dwarf, 2% Human, 1% Elf, 1% Other).
Area: 500 square miles
Symbol: A green pennant with a black web

History: Indismar began as a small trading post extracting iron from the mountains. This continued for four hundred and seventy three years, the dwarf population eventually finding themselves owned by merchants thanks to crippling debts.
In the calender year ten twenty-three a dwarf prophet foresaw destruction. While those in the mines would be safe, those shackled to the oars of their owner's galley ships were forced to revolt and flee to the safety of the mines. The tidal wave claimed the rulers of Indismar and the population of the city perished leaving the dwarves in the mines. When the waters retreated the dwarves emerged to claim their prize only to discover an elder horror now levitate above the grand plaza in the ruined city. While the Wood-beast appeared dormant the dwarves avoided the ruins and reclaimed the port. They work around their unwanted house guest.
Indismar has since become the economic centre of a mercantile network. The previously quiet dwarves have proven to be skilled Merchants.

The Ruins: adventurers explore the ruins for the wealth and secrets of the dead. Great wealth is to be had plundering the ruins, but there are reports that some adventurers are gathering beneath the Wood-beast at the heart of the ruins.

The Wood-beast: since the coming of the Wood-beast wizards have found magic to be unemployable in Indismar. Some think this is tied to the presence of the Wood-beast, others think it also the cause of the tidal wave that liberated the dwarves and a major influence on the rise of dwarves mercantile ambitions. Just what the Wood-beast is and what will happen when it awakens has many concerned.

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