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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Hyperloop stuff: A few thoughts

Hyperloop: the good, the bad, the ugly
Hyperloop, if you get past the disaster scenario of a severed pipe resulting in one pod after the next smacking into the break at five hundred miles an hour until those further back go full stop only to find they are trapped in a coffin from which there is no escape, then yes it is useful, but only if it is free mass transit. Imagine last Vegas evolving into adult Disneyland. A total policed entertainment precinct where crime doesn't happen. That means removing the resident population. So the residential support cities become Phoenix, San Diego, and Fresno. Workers could live in these cities and travel to Vegas. At thirty dollars a one way ticket thats four hours work at minimum wage. If on the other hand hyperloop had a trillion dollars in a bank account operating off interest to maintain itself as a free service, then workers could go to work by hyperloop at no cost to themselves or tax payers. The social and economic costs would be reduced. Hyperloop is still a box that absorbs biological hazards from previous travellers and passes them to the next and sacrificing the health of the worker caste is why the us economy crashes.

Sure billionaires might own their own hyperloop 'limo' and Companies might have their own pod so Google or KFC can send a bunch of workers out to deal with a problem, but that implies a different hyperloop train terminal than a 'loop'. It implies a thousand pod capacity shelf racking pod station where technicians can rotate out pods for maintenance without disrupting use. It means you can go get in a pod and wait a few minutes before your pod is loaded for transit.

If this turns out to be a billionaires toy propped up by taxpayers dollars then death to elon musk!

Yes...very expensive.

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