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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Leather Work: The Pathfinder Betatest

That was my Leather Bound copy of Pathfinder for the Paizo Betatest. Self printed and hand bound pages with a leather cover. It was my first time binding a book. Its probably taking up space in the offices at Paizo if they havnt dumpstered it (If you are at Paizo let me know).

The two rings were extracted from 8-inch disc drives (I sewed the first one on, realized it was off centre, and added the second getting a better result).
Sewing pages... I grabbed about ten pages and overhanging a table edge with a metre steel rule used an awl to punch evenly spaced holes. Then sewed by hand each microbooklet of pages. Then sewed them into a collection and added the cover.

We are still a few years from the 10th year anniversary for the Pathfinder game.

At a certain point they voted on which version of Dungeons & Dragons to go with. I still wonder what it would have been like had they chosen the D&D Rules Cyclopedia as their engine choice.

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