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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Hecatomb Holidays: Religion part 2

140 Children Sacrificed in a Peruvian Kingdom. Each with their hearts ripped out apparently. While you might think the Religious leaders learned the error of their ways when that didnt end the drought, you are likely wrong. Religion weilds this kind of power when they feel untouchable by the otherwise fearful populace.
While the crops are good, and the weather fine, religion is pretty much able to rise to a position of power on the backs of happy worshipers, but when it falls apart, religion implodes when it cant deliver. It either enforces its power through violent oppression, or expresses its own ignorance through desperation. Whoever decided these children should be sacrificed did so to display the false power of Religious faith.

A while back I pointed out that Aleena (Dungeons & Dragons poster girl for leading the kids to murder criminals without a trial) convinces your character to pretty much murder some powerful wizard (who may or may not have been Bargle) and his charmed goblin minion. She isnt the Dukes law, rather she is an enforcer for her faith- The Faith Militancy. While Aleena is lawful, she is not good. Good dont murder.

So what happens in a D&D setting where religion fails? In a game where the immortals are real and fueling the power of faith, religion doesnt get tested by the realities of crop failure, plague, or other disaster only to be proven false.

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