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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dungeon Mastery: Designing Adventure Modules for the B/X game

I encountered the following rather interesting set of rules for a 1982 B/X Adventure Module Design Competition in Dragon magazine.

Dungeon Adventures
The dungeon adventure should be designed for 4-8 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS characters of levels 1-3, and should be constructed in accordance with the D&D Basic Rulebook. The “dungeon” should be a self-contained adventuring environment consisting of a number of interconnected encounter areas.
The total area (in scale) of the rooms, chambers, corridors, and other features of the “dungeon,” plus the spaces separating those elements, cannot exceed 60,000 square feet on any one level of the dungeon, and there can be no more than 120,000 sq. ft. in the entire adventuring area.
The design can include as many levels or sub-sections as desired, as long as the overall space limitation is met. The “dungeon” can be subterranean (as with an actual dungeon), above ground (a castle or fort), or a combination of both environments. Dungeon modules in other categories must also meet these requirements.
Wilderness Adventures
The wilderness module should be for 4-8 D&D characters of levels 4-14, and should be designed in accordance with the D&D Basic and Expert rules. This is an adventure in which all, or virtually all, of the activity takes place outdoors. The environment may include some artificial (non-natural) structures or enclosures, or natural phenomena such as caves, which have to be entered to be investigated, but the total area of all such enclosures cannot exceed 5,000 square feet (in scale). There is no limit on how much space the outdoor environment can occupy, but it should be apparent that a “wilderness” area measuring hundreds of miles on a side would be impossible to describe fully within the maximum allowable page count of an entry. 

These should be considered standard limits for your own Basic and Expert Module designs. It means there are no megadungeons here.

Must now go design B/X specific dungeons.

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