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Monday, 25 September 2017

Star Trek: Returning to the Future

What stories would a post Voyager Star trek tell and be relevant to modern society?

Non Intervention at its Worst: Powerful scary aliens are fleeing the Borg. While they no longer invade Federation space, they settle for weak border civilizations who are forced to surrender to the Federation or be devoured. And increasingly they are being left to fend for themselves by the Lords hold up behind their fortress walls until it matters to the federation.
Borderland Battlefields: The borg cant be allowed to establish a foothold near the federation so the federation strike beyond its borders destroying the borg. Unfortunately that now includes whatever alien civilization is caught in the maw of the borg Dragon while the flower of federation Knighthood impales it through the open mouth.
Isolationism vs Exploration: We were explorers, but the Galaxy is crowded and increasingly carved up by civilizations looking to survive the innevitable galactic war. And war is coming.
Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Supernova that destroyed the Romulan homeworld could very well have been deliberate. It doesnt stop with the Destruction of the Romulans, it expands in all directions. It carved out a great territory open to anyone who is powerful enough to claim that void. Killing untold billions of lives.
The Legacies of the Past: The Borg parallel a terrorist organization that cant be negotiated with except through their destruction. Remember what happened after the destruction of the taliban? One terrorist group became many. Thats what will happen with the borg. They will become many organisms, each a distinct organism fighting themselves and others. Janeway has set in motion great change in the borg. Some will evolve, in alien ways. Truely alien Borg.

Its all about the Federation vs the Borg... almost. Its also about the people of the federation fighting against the patriarchal/matriarchal tyrany of the isolationist State.

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