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Friday, 1 September 2017

Dungeon Mastery: Its all in a name

You rolled up NPCs but are coming up short on a name. Give them a family name they will loathe, and a cool alias they can hide behind.

Awkward Family Names & Cool Aliases
1D20 - Family Name - Alias
01    Koboldsmacker   Windsword
02    Whoremonger    Agrivar
03    Hobburn              Hawkwind
04    Halflinger             Ebonstorm
05    Elfsplitter              Brightblade
06    Dwarfsplitter       Bloodstone
07    Kurdog                   Goldmoon
08    Trollgelder             Elfblood
09    Traitorspawn        Silverbow
10    Demonasswart     Avon
11    Treemolestor        Starsword
12    Hidechewer          Warhawk
13    Fairydewinger      Dargo
14    Goatburner            Skyrider
15    Volechaser              Starfury
16    Slavebuyer             Whitewolf
17    Foodcherer             Darksword
18    Mouseboiler          Darkmoon
19    Witchskinner       Silvershield
20    Gnollwrangler      Ironhelm

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