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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Rules Cyclopedia: Half-Elves

The Rules Cyclopedia doesnt include Half Elves but human cultures from across the world suggest they exist. Within Indonesian Peri refers to Faries and Elves as a fantasy racial group and Manusiaans are a human subgroup with whom they have interbred creating Peri-Manusiaans (Elf-Humans). And they are an Asian-Pacific culture.

To extract a half elf we look at the monster manual entry for normal humans and elves and find a half way point between the extreems. We can call this middle bground our interbreeding bell curve. That way while we offer an average half elf there will be some variation from the average.

The Peri-Manusiaans
As Half Elves they can Save like humans and choose a character class. Their better than human intelligence means they get a +1 on their base intelligence roll when generating a character so magic users will be the more frequent class. They are light brown skin coloured Tropical dwelling Islanders who live inland, coastally, or on the Ocean.

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