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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Kill Bargle: Encumbrance and Saving Aleena

The Death of Aleena
You are confronted with the death of Aleena after your collective plan to murder Bargle without a trial goes horribly wrong, and try as you might, you fail to return her to town in time for a raise dead. This is because you took too long to get there. This is due to encumbrance.

Things you carry have an effect on your movement rate. Apart from the weight of a human body you were burdened by the weight of your armour and equipment and Aleena's armor. Forget all the equipment in your hands...because that suit of chainmail is heavy (40lb). The Warrior (your character) wears one and Aleena wears one. Thats eight hundred cnc of encumbrance right there. A human body also has weight. If we assume Aleena is five feet six she will weigh 1,600cn.

Encumbrance (cn) 400, 401-800, 801-1,200, 1,201-1,600, 1,601-2,400
Speed(ft/turn) 120', 90', 60', 30', 15'

That means carrying Aleena, her chainmail, and your chainmail is an encumbrance of 2,400cn. reducing you to fifteen feet per turn. Eliminating both chainmail reduces your encumbrance to 1,600cn. With a speed of thirty feet per turn.

Having stripped yourself and Aleena naked you make double time back to town and are able to get here there in time for a raise dead. The locals will be talking about that one for years to come...

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