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Friday, 10 November 2017

Mists of History: Zeus is on the Phaistos Disc

I just spotted the name Zeus on the phaistos Disc. The snake (or horn) paired with an eagle is infact 'horse'. 'Horse-eagle' as Ek-(eu-gal). Alexeus: Al-ek-eus or Ale Zeus becomes Ek-eu-sal/Ek-eu-gal which is volcae meaning 'Horse-Eagle' or 'horse-eagle cry-powerful'. 

Some background: eu-a-eu-gal is volcae for (and the origin of) the word 'eagle'. This 'horse-eagle' pairing exists on one side of the phaistos disc. This is Zeus in the form: 'Ale-Zeus' or 'eZeusal' in Volcae (It might also be the name Ezekiel). 

One discovery parts the mists obscuring another.

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